Futures, Transcended

Futures, Transcended.

::A gallery performance series featuring sound, dance, film & flexible synthesis::

My selection criteria for the artists featured in this performance series was based on the innovative works they create (or lives they pursue). Their conceptual approaches seem to involve ‘meta ideas’ that are very eye opening. I believe they are leading us to look at things differently not only in terms of artistic practices but also of social practices. I encouraged the participating artists to transform the gallery into a space with spatial/conceptual intimacy. – Curator, Ayako Kataoka

 Thursdays, 7:30PM

6/14: Sigrid Lauren & Monica Mirabile [Movement of Mind Body Planes]

6/21: Meg Rorison & Jenny Gräf [Film Projection/Sound]

6/28: Yutaka Houlette of Mixtum & Patrick Rife [Mixtum Flexible Synthesis/Food & Sound]

7/12: Twig Harper & Carly Ptak of Nautical Almanac [Multi-Layered Sound/Projection/Hypnosis]

Light refreshments and Q&A to follow all performances



Thursday, June 14th

Fluct is Monica Mirabile & Sigrid Lauren. They are body based emotional curators using the movement of their immediate reality to create a vision of self incision. Monica & Sigrid together and individually have performed throughout Baltimore, New York, & are currently preparing for a national tour.  Fluct’s first large scale dance production, Solar Solipsis, is set for June 29th & June 30th at the Penthouse Gallery (Baltimore).

Thursday, June 21st

Jenny Gräf and Margaret Rorison will present collaborative pieces that combine 16mm projections with live electronics and voice. Rorison’s work develops from extensive walks through rural and urban landscapes, combing memories of sound image and text.  She often projects her films live accompanying sound artists and is interested in exploring the potentials of film as a performative device. Through sound, video and performance, Gräf explores peripheral places and states through composition, improvisation and participatory works.With a focus on perception and ways of relating, her work brings to the fore such issues of power dynamics, gender, age and other concrete social issues.

Thursday, June 28th

Mixtum has been used to create drawings, horoscopes, poems, music and even food.  Yutaka Houlette will share about the development and results of Mixtum and Patrick Rife will give a musical performance using sounds created by dozens of musician for each of the 96 Mixtum symbols.  Visitors will then have a chance to use Mixtum to make their own creations and also sample some snacks made with the help of Mixtum.

Thursday, July 12th

Nautical Almanac is truly outsider art. This is the real deal, retro-futuristic folk art created by twisted and cunning minds, music for the people, music that just might qualify the duo as noise’s true hippies if it weren’t for the fact that the sounds aren’t exactly those of peace, love, and happiness. The duo’s goal isn’t in the product as much as the process, and as long as Harper and Ptak are finding new sounds and visions through exploration and subliminal communication, all is well. They have been performing since 1993 and also run a label, HereSee, have a building and showspace, Tarantula Hill, and many many other projects.

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