Shapes and Color

On a day to day basis we encounter shapes and color as we go about our lives. While most people realize that there is some correlation between color and emotion, it is less likely that they see how shapes make them feel.

IMG_3157Squares are stable, ordered and calm. They are used in architecture to create a stable structure and repetition. Circles are whole, harmonious shapes that make you feel invited and complete. There are no gaps in circles – it is a never-ending shape. Triangles are also stable shapes but they have a more powerful connotation than squares. Putting triangles together, you get pyramids and the strength they represent. However, if you have a triangle resting on its point, you can feel the instability.



Damien Davis, Babel, 2018


In a world of emojis and graphic design, some shapes have immediate connotations. A circle with triangles around it would instantly mean sun. Whereas a triangle on its side says play.

In his works, Damien Davis uses the power of symbols to start a dialogue. His pieces incorporate a variety of symbols that represent different elements of the his story. Using the power/play button throughout his work gives us a way to start. He also uses the crescent shape associated with the moon as a way of depicting the sickle cells that occur when one has sickle cell disease.


The colorful nature of the works relay the intense emotion that the shapes provoke. It takes a few minutes for the message to sink in but when it does, both the color and the shapes change the way we see the world.



To learn more about Damien Davis and his work in the previous exhibition – Pink is a Color that Feels Like Love – tune into Art Hour on Thursday, October 25th at 6pm.

Written by Rina Goldman

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