Art Hour is Back for Fall 2018!

We are welcoming back the Stamp Gallery’s radio show ‘Art Hour’ with the fall semester! This year the show will continue to be free and open to the public in gallery and on WMUC Digital on Thursday evenings from 6-7PM. Can’t make it on Thursdays? Not to worry. The shows will also be available online on the Stamp Gallery Blog so you can catch up in your own time!

This year Art Hour will feature music, interviews, and guest lectures with artists, curator, art historians, and even student staff.  You won’t want to miss it!

This week’s show (September 6th from 6-7PM) features an interview with Pink is a Color That Feels Like Love curator, Katy Scarlett. Scarlett is Philadelphia based curator that has brought together three dynamic artists to examine issues of representation and to critique dominant paradigms in relation to the formal and conceptual uses of color in the current exhibition.

What does Katy Scarlett have to say about her curatorial vision? 

“[All of the artists] are taking information from the history of these different struggles and different types of standards that have been present in society for a long time, and they’re trying to question them, recreate them, and create awareness around them.”

“Personally, I think curators are responsible for representing what they believe in through what they curate.”

“I think everyone should be concerned with issues of politics and identity, especially now.”

“When you go to an art museum, do you see artists that are like you? Do you see people painted that are like you, or representations of people like you?”

“I want people to think about the way that color makes them feel.”

Want to find out more? Tune in Thursday night!



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