Paradise Now – A Gaming Event by Kimi Hanauer – Opening Sept 1


Dearest Player,

Thank you for beginning your journey to becoming an unlocked player in the game of Paradise Now.

Paradise Now is a game of unequal circumstances and varying objectives that invites unlocked players to alter and redefine the game’s Score by participating in various rounds of the game. The Score is a series of directive actions that happen over each 60 minute round of the game. Unlocked players may alter the Score by navigating the space with their bodily movements, altering the various gaming mechanism at play, and by adding directive phrases to its structure. Although many players may be active in the game simultaneously, every player may choose to fill the role of player 1 or player 2 and respond accordingly to their set of directive actions in the Score throughout each round played. Each round of the game played throughout its occupation of Stamp Gallery in September & October of 2016 will be documented, archived and analyzed by our team, who will compose an accumulative Score. The accumulative Score will represent a collective of player movements found throughout the entirety of the game’s stay at the Stamp. Your participation is highly valued by our team and we hope you enjoy this round of the game.

With love,
The Paradise Now team


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