“If She Only Belonged”

I have to say that the piece by Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi “If She Only Belonged” grabbed my attention at first sight. Surprisingly, it was not the vivid colors or hectic phenomenons occurring in the artwork but rather the sole dark figure of a girl who did not look like the rest. Ilchi left me to interpret the piece: why it is that this girl seemed “out of place”?

After reading the description of the work, everything fell into place. Being of a different culture, things may seem hectic to you but to others it is mundane. Of course, the person who does not belong would naturally feel as though they are going insane which gave me insight as to why the girl’s hair was in disarray. In comparison, the other figures in the artwork conducting everyday tasks (running for instance), seemed complacent with their position although a volcano was erupting above.

I found it brilliant that Ilchi decided to place a stencil-like pattern that overlapped all the vibrancy of the eruption and color. Many visitors to the gallery, including myself, thought it to represent beauty through all the chaos. Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi has a created piece that many international people who identify with another culture can relate to.

Fatoumatta Tunkara


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