Students Drawn to Campus-Related Acquisition

Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman’s GEOLOCATION (College Park), one of the six 2013 Contemporary Art Collection Acquisitions currently on on exhibition in The Stamp Gallery, has struck a chord with student visitors.

GEOLOCATION is an ongoing, site specific social media and photography project made up of photographs that have been geo-tagged in Facebook and Twitter posts.

Students visiting The Stamp Gallery have been drawn to this series of photographs because of its direct connection to campus. Trying to guess the exact location of each photograph leads students on an in-Gallery treasure hunt. While some have trouble being able to deduct where specific photographs were taken, others flaunt their knowledge of every nook and cranny of campus by placing everything from sidewalks to picnic tables. Beyond having the opportunity to identify the setting of the photograph, some students can connect personal experiences to the locations they find hanging on the gallery wall; “I’ve sat there,” and “I walk by that every day” can be commonly overhead.

Providing students with a direct connection to the artwork on display challenges them to open their eyes to things and places on campus that might otherwise seem mundane. Who knows what could become the subject of a central piece in an art exhibition!


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